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We equip you with knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance your career and transform your organization.

The world today is set in the scenario of continuous innovation, which has brought a biggest challenge in delivering the technical  innovation placing in various market segments according to its needs. In this breeding ground of the world, INFOMAX has been established to providing various  services and solution in Computer Education, Web Development, Software  Development, sales & Support in the market.

Besides, we offer domain registration, website development and full web hosting in minimal cost with  optimum quality. Further, we have continued our efforts in providing better  services to the customers in an environment of competition, transparency  and choice, the customer have ever perceived to attain an utmost satisfaction through the value created  by us.

In this open environment, INFOMAX  has been established in its access to every individual, business enterprise and  various sectors with  its optimum quality  and service  to meet the requirement as needed by them in an easy fashion. Our system and software experts, whose creativity has already been appreciated in providing services and solutions, are always committed to take a calculated amount of risk in the pursuit of excellence through the diversified  skills in the computer  field.

we believe our dynamic   team experts  enjoy in scouting new talent and self-individuals  who concerns in the career development. Our professional experts have already demonstrated  the proven skills in the service of an efficient operation and maintenance of  software and web hosting in the  market. We distinguish from other companies from open and entrepreneurial  environment in creating unique ideas in the development of software and web application. The hardware expert  are dedicated to make people an efficient switch who can supervise the network independently and become eligible to teach in renowned  institutions as a hardware and network experts.